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A tattoo is a type of body art that is created when ink penetrates the dermis of the skin and changes the pigment of it.

tattooThis type of physical modification has been performed throughout the centuries by many different cultures.

It is used by both sexes and has become a popular form of self expression. In the United States it has taken off exponentially in the past few years and has become as mainstream as a haircut.

Individuals can choose any design that they want for their tattoo. It can consist of pictures, words or a combination of the two.

Usually the tattoo has a deep meaning for its owner. Although, curiously, many people place their tattoos in areas that they can never see, such as on the back, so it is hard to know what type of pleasure they personally derive from this art form they cannot see.

However, sometimes people realize they have made a mistake after they get a tattoo but removal is very costly. One of the effective ways of removing a tattoo is with a laser treatment. There are different lasers that will attack different color pigments in the skin. This is why it will sometimes take time to complete the removal. For example you may need to go one time to remove the color red from your tattoo and once the skin is healed you will need to return to remove the color blue.

A less expensive and longer route is to use tattoo removal creams. These can be effective over time with consistent use. When using fade creams you need to be careful to apply proper sunscreen as well to prevent from damaging the skin.

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Your Tattoo and Bath & Body Products

Just like any other art, time and exposure to elements particularly water will erode the color and luster out of your tattoo. So, extra care in selecting and using bath and body products should be observed after having your tattoo.

Take extra care in choosing bath and body products that help the skin heal and stay healthy and moisturized are crucial. In addition, airy, breathable clothes are important in the very beginning until the tattoo scabs over. Do not swim or take baths longer than necessary.

Chlorinated water is very bad for your new tattoo. And most tap water has low levels of chlorine and pools and jacuzzis have much higher concentrations. In fact, while the tattoo does not yet scab, do not swim or take a bath.

Applying thick coats of healing ointment or antibiotic creams on the tattoo will indeed speed up the healing process but it will also make the ink to lose color, makes it dull, fades more easily and lose saturation. If you really need to take a bath, take short showers instead. You can put a loose covering over the tattoo just so that it will not catch water.

If there is plasma, you will know it when your tattoo feels slimy and slippery, gently remove plasma as much as possible because these causes scabbing. Moisture is not really bad, but overdoing it is.

You can also use quality bath and body products instead for about a week after the tattooing but make sure that it is dye and fragrance free. Remember also not to scratch the tattoo when it feels itchy. Last but not the least, wear sunblock at least a minimum of 30spf to keep your tattoo vibrant for years to come.

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