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Certified Organic Pet Foods

The pet food market is flooded with all kinds of organic claims. However, only a few of these claims have been substantiated by a third party. Only USDA certified organic pet foods provide the assurance of strict regulation, verification, and legal enforcement to support their status as truly organic. Organic claims made without USDA certification are not subject to any kind of regulation. Such claims are based solely on the manufacturer’s word and, as such, may or may not be true. So, as you might guess, abuse of the term ‘organic’ is unfortunately quite common in the pet food industry.

What you might not realize is that USDA certified organic pet foods are currently subject to the same regulations which apply to organic foods for human consumption. All the ingredient choices and manufacturing processes involved in the production of USDA certified organic pet foods must therefore comply with the National Organic Program (NOP) standards established by the USDA. USDA certified organic pet foods must contain at least 95% organic ingredients and all ingredients must be fully traceable from their sources to specific production batches. Furthermore, NOP standards prohibit the use of conventional ingredients if organic versions are available; exceptions are made in cases where certain organic ingredients aren’t available and the only options are conventional varieties (e.g., calcium carbonate and fish). NOP standards also prohibit the use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). If a conventional, or non-certified organic, ingredient, such as citric acid, is used, a non-GMO certificate must be provided by the organic producer. As well, NOP standards prohibit the use of ingredients which were treated with antibiotics or hormones, as well as the inclusion of potentially toxic synthetics, such as artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives, in certified organic pet foods.

Finally, NOP standards prohibit the use of potentially or known toxic chemicals during the manufacturing or storage of USDA certified organic pet foods. For example, highly toxic sanitizers cannot be used on food preparation surfaces, and neither ingredients nor the final pet food products can be fumigated with pesticides. Only pesticides and sanitizers that are known to be safe are allowed in the manufacturing facilities or storage areas of companies that produce certified organic pet foods.

Documentation for all ingredients used in the manufacture of USDA certified organic pet foods must be provided in the form of a current organic certificate for each ingredient.

USDA organic certification of pet foods mandates compliance with all USDA NOP regulations and requires, at minimum, an annual inspection of the manufacturing facility by a USDA-accredited organic certifying agency. All books and records concerning ingredients, food handling plans within the facility, and final products must be available for inspection by the USDA or its accredited certifiers; records for any given production run must be retained for possible inspection for several years.

USDA certified organic pet food products must disclose the name of the organic certifying agency and mostly also display the USDA organic seal. The organic certificate for each USDA certified organic product should be made freely available by the manufacturer to any customer requesting it.

A final thought: organic claims other than those made under the assurance of USDA certification are often used by pet food manufacturers to increase their sales. Even if manufacturers claim to use organic ingredients that are free of hormones, antibiotics, or GMOs, such claims are not verified by an unbiased party and, most importantly of all, cannot be verified by you, the consumer.

As one State compliance officer at the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) recently noted, “… It is buyer beware of any pet food product that does not show that it is certified by one of the NOP certification agents”.

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The Benefits of Certified Organic Products

A Business Educating about Organics

I am part of a tribe of individuals who share similar passions, my hope for the world is to be a better place as a result of my educating others how to:

• use safe organic skin care products

• eat real food

• detox their home from synthetic chemical cleaners and fragrances.

It seemed like a natural progression for me to start to be in business, promoting and advising on wise skin care and home care choices. I wanted flexible hours, and to be my own boss. Being a wellness consultant and life coach, I had to have an additional income that fit in with the business I have already. This business works well with a family and children, as I can work when I want to. I also get a great discounts on organic products, up to 30% for being a representative, depending on the order size, it can be 40%.

It may seem like a small thing but we use skin care every day and it does add up to a daily dose of toxins if we are not using genuinely certified organic products. Hence my desire to educate others about the need to be aware of what we use on our skin, daily. This range of products is the world’s first certified organic skincare range. They got their certification back in January 2001, long before the current trend for organic skincare.

Do you have a desire to share the message of organic skin care selling certified organic products?

I have some fantastic reps who combine selling organic skin care products with their current core business. Some are mothers, some are Nia teachers, some love Feldenkrais, others are massage therapists and beauty therapists, some are just passionate about having a home based business that is making a difference and earns them some income, with this business that is perfectly possible.

Successful business tips
In the words of Kim Klaver, it is rather like walking into a shoe shop to buy shoes and you find the shoes you like but then the shop owner starts to persuade you to buy the shop as well! How annoying? Can you relate to that?

To be successful in your organic business enterprise, unless you know someone has a NEED to know about your organic business or the organic products (through them having expressed a need) then keep quiet! There are plenty more folks out there who will have a need for certified organic products, do not lose friends by ‘sharing’ your opportunity when actually they are not interested. That can lead to you feeling upset and them feeling annoyed.

Ask yourself some important questions
If you want to join a business to make millions of dollars overnight, then this is not the right business for you! However do ask yourself is an organic business for you? It might be a good fit if you want to earn a bit of extra income selling something that is genuinely beneficial. There is no black car as a bonus, or cruises, or meetings claiming that you can do this in only three months and retire. Reality is that any business takes effort and consistency.

Your business can be:

• fun but involves work and has many rewards,

• provides you with luxurious certified organic skincare at a good % discount

• gives you a sense of satisfaction from educating others.

• If you are looking to promote the benefits of organic & certified organic products in a variety of ways,

• whilst connecting with a great bunch of people, then maybe consider becoming a representative.

• The options are endless as to how you conduct your business, the limits are only your creativity

• Many use the internet, face to face parties, educational talks, or advertising. You really are able to choose the best strategy to suit your personality and lifestyle.

If you just want to use certified organic skin care, with a good discount and have no desire to sell the products yourself, then you will want to be a preferred customer. You can order what you like, when you like, and the products get shipped to your door.

Being a representative promoting certified organic products is like any other business, it takes time to create real success. This will not happen overnight! It is about setting goals and knowing what you wish to achieve. It takes effort learning about the products and becoming an expert. Sadly 90% of those that you meet will not be interested in organic skin care or making healthy changes… and that is ok. Just do not take it personally, it is not about you!

Certified organics are a niche market and so chances are only one person in ten will be remotely interested. That said birds of a feather flock together and the organic market is growing at a rapid rate, especially as awareness grows about how we treat our planet. I do know that there are lots of individuals in the world who will LOVE the certified organic products. It is just being able to see the potential that you can create.

I do most of my business over the internet and through giving educational presentations about wise, real food choices, our environment and the benefits of organic skincare. Some representatives run pamper parties which is like a home presentation but more of a luxurious pamper party. All options can be successful ways of doing business and that is the joy of this organic business, you can choose what suits you!

What are the certified organic products?

Certified Organic Probiotics – 26 living whole foods which provides beneficial bacteria which may assist the gut in finding balance between good and bad bacteria. I believe good bacteria are the foundation of good health. Do you want to make these certified organic products part of your future?

The mother and baby products are high quality with fully certified organic ingredients, so you know that your baby will be being nourishing with safe, effective, beneficial products.

If you are interested in creating healthy homes for kids and providing mothers and fathers with genuinely pure products for their children then these products might be a good match for you.

Take a step in the right direction for your successful future.

My favorite Certified Vegan skincare line is now featured on amazon:

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