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White Birches Holiday Boxed Cards

White Birches Holiday Boxed Cards- Why I wrote a Review
I have to admit that although I am a big amazon shopper, this is the first time I have ever purchased holiday cards online. To be honest, I just ran out of time and I am not a fan of store shopping in the holiday season. I was looking for what I call a neutral card. I wanted something that just had a winter depiction but not a religious depiction as I have friends and family of different faiths. I think I got exactly what I wanted as the cards are simply beautiful and totally “neutral”.
White Birches Holiday Boxed Cards

These cards are very high quality
The first thing that stuck me about there cards is that they came in these really nice solid boxes. Every box had a ribbon hinge and a ribbon to open and close the box. When you open the box up the cards are wrapped with a band with a seal which gives them a wonderful first impression. Honestly, they were more like a gift than something that you would give.

Now my challenge is finding a way to continue using the boxes. I think I will keep on my desk for organization office supplies like extra staples, paperclips and rubber bands, and I always like to keep a nice box by my bed where I put my jewelry at night. (They are that nice).

The card stock is heavy and feels rich
1st off it is important to keep in mind the price point of these cards, they are quite affordable and available through the prime program so you might not actually think they will be very nice, but I was really delighted that they were made from a very nice card stock that is solid. They also have the additional feature of a very light dusting of glitter. Not enough to get everywhere and annoy you, but enough that they seem more festive and fun.

A couple of things you should know…
These are wonderful deluxe Boxed Holiday Cards
With every box your get 20 cards plus an additional envelope, just in case.
Each card measures: 1.8 x 5.5 x 7.5 inches

White Birches Holiday Boxed Cards

Customer Reviews and Scores
There are 66 reviews of the product as of the time I am writing this review. And there is only one- one star review. This means a lot as people can be a little tough with their critiques.

The person who gave the negative review received a damaged lot of cards, however, the seller was quick to invite the buyer to contact amazon customer service for a quick shipment of replacement cards. I am sure this was a fluke as I ordered 4 boxes and was very happy with my purchase and all came in perfect condition.

White Birches Holiday Boxed Cards

So to make a long story short, I was really happy with my card purchase. I got exactly what I was looking for and everything arrived quickly and in perfect condition. This was a perfect set of “pretty” cards that are neutral and beautiful. I will definitely be looking at purchasing these cards again next year.