Help Reduce Issues by Treating Your Sensitive Skin Better

If you have sensitive skin, you probably have gone through a great deal of skin care and cleansing products that did not work for you. You likely have experienced red, peeling, itchy skin after having tried various products. This is due to the fact that many of them out there have harsh chemicals and ingredients that are common allergens. For individuals with sensitive skin, it is crucial to begin a routine that includes products that are specifically made for your skin type.

An ever increasing number of people in the United States say that they have sensitive skin. There are now 60% of people who have such issues, which is double the percentage that it was 30 years ago. No matter how your skin reacts to the natural elements, your regular environment, and what you are using on it, you can combat the damage that has been done to it. All you have to do is keep in mind the following tips, use the best skin care products, and you will soon have healthy, beautiful skin.

What to do if Your Skin is Flaky

For skin that is scaly or becoming scaly, you will want to look for what could possibly be irritating you or what you could be allergic to in your current skin routine. Ditch things that contain alpha hydroxy acids, retinoids, scrubbing beads, and hydrocortisone. Also, sensitive skin moisturizers containing niacin can help to fortify your skin. It is important to choose products that do not include fragrances and perfumes, and have a short list of ingredients. That way, if you do have a bad reaction to it, your doctor will have an easier time finding out what had affected you.

How to Avoid Stinging

When your skin stings after using a lotion or other product, it is because something in it has irritated your nerve endings. For a quick remedy, use a product that has anti-inflammatories or that is cooling. Choose sunblock lotions and other products that contain titanium oxide or zinc oxide rather than those that have Vitamin C and glycolic acid in them, among other things.

Calm Itchiness on Your Body

If your body has itchy red bumps, then the likely culprit is air pollution. It can become so bad that it causes an extreme form of eczema known as keratosis pilaris. Use lotion with urea in it, or an oral antihistamine to help with such issues. For long term solutions, avoid laundry soaps that are scented. Also, you might take quick showers and apply a rich cream to your skin while it is still damp.

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