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Do you want more back links to help your site rank today?

Do you want more traffic to your web site today?

Have you tapped out your warm market and are looking for leads and sales today?

You are not alone!
Imagine if you could join a tribe of like minded, pay-it-forward types of marketers who will help you grow your business and you help them grow theirs.

If this sounds like it is up your ally, then allow me to welcome you to the wonderful world of “tribe marketing” by Tribepro!

Here is how it works

If you are ready to take your business to the next level by leveraging the power of the Internet, then you know that you have to get people to your web properties, either your web site, blog, your social media outlets like or your videos.

You know, that if people can’t find you, you might as well not be there.


You have to be FOUND


So, how does this work?
There are basically three ways to get your content “found” online:
Search Engine Optimization: Get your content to rank high on the front page of the search engines for the keywords and phrase people are actively searching for when in the market for your products, services or business opportunity.




Paid Traffic: This is the infamous “pay-per-click” This is an excellent marketing technique, however, this is not a beginner technique and you need to have a solid marketing budget in place before you will be able to launch “pay-per-click” campaigns and because it is not “organic” once you take the paid traffic down, the traffic stops immediately.




Direct Traffic: This is where you actually go out to the Internet and click to create your own traffic, by posting your content on book marking sites, social networking sites, forums, other people’s blogs, etc… This is do-able, but once you see the scope, you might fall over because you could engage in this activity 24/7 and never come close to what your competitors are doing with automated tools in this area.

The most powerful of these techniques is search engine optimization where your content is found organically and you do not need to take daily action to maintain your site’s ranking like you would need to do with paid traffic, for example.

However, as Google algorithms continue to evolve, they are giving more and more weight to the significance of web 2.0 traffic to sites and so in addition to paid traffic, you would need to continually manually build back links with web 2.0 sites (bookmarking sites, Squidoo lenses, blogger blogs, and twitter).

The current thinking is that back links are what cause a page to rank higher in the search engines and if you are not on the front page of Google, you might as well not be on the Internet.

So how do you make this work? There is a way that you can get hundreds, even thousands of back links from a variety of social media sites like , Twitter, blogs and other sites with both traffic and authority and that is through tribes and in particular

Tribe Marketing by TribePro

Originally the concept of tribe marketing meant creating a social group or community that was centered around a particular product or service and let the tribe help endorse and promote your products or services by simply participating. Some people have tried to replicate this idea with forums, but if you have ever tried to promote your content through a forum, watch out. There are lots of rules and guidelines that limit how your content can be shared and if you are a high content producer, don’t think that your forum will be excited to see your daily posts about your own stuff. And besides, how many forums do you think you would need to participate in, in order to create the volume of back links that would be needed to keep you high on page one of Google? Put several zeros after that number you might have just thought up.

But now, thanks to automated services like Tribepro, tribe marketing can solve this problem in a simple user friendly and efficient manner. This is what a tribe can do:

  • You can instantly build back links from authority sites.
  • Your content can rank higher on the search engines.
  • You can instantly get more traffic, leads and sales.
  • You can instantly get quality non-spam blog comments.
  • You can instantly get instant Tweets and Retweets from people with tens of thousands of followers
  • You can instantly get targeted traffic


Oh, and did I mention you get INSTANT targeted traffic, which can lead to more leads and sales? I will show you in the video here.

So how does tribe marketing really work?

You have content you want to promote.(not squeeze pages, but things like blog posts, YouTube video, Squidoo lenses, eZine articles…your good stuff…)
I have content I want to promote. We are not necessarily competing with each other for the same target market or niche. Either way, it doesn’t make a difference because the goal is reciprocity. I scratch your back, you scratch mine and in so doing we promote each other’s content.

So we start out by joining a tribe a Tribepro and we share each others content.

Sharing means that we tweet, Facebook “like”, bookmark etc. someone else’s content. In so doing you accrue “share points” when you reach 10 share points, you can now post your own piece of content. And voila, with a click you have just gotten some link juice to your piece of content.

And, what is even cooler is that this can be automated by using a simple tool called Onlywire. Now hang onto your hat. Through Onlywire you can submit to 40 different social bookmarking sites with one click and it can be linked to TribePro, so when you submit your content if someone is syndicating you through Onlywire your content will be submitted to 40 book marking sites including Facebook and Twitter.

Now imagine you have 10 people auto-syndicating you through Onlywire… 10 people, times 40 sites… Did you do the math? 400 back links from high ranking book marking sites, not to mention what if each of those people has a 1000 twitter followers. Do you think this might add some traffic to your business?

This is as easy as it can be!

First, you need to join and set up a free account and sign up for all the social media sites. Take your time, add a profile picture (not an avatar) and a short bio for each service. You will be using this new account for many, many years so take the time necessary in the beginning to get it set up properly.

Next, consider upgrading to the $10 or more per month account so you can share at least 1,000 times per month. Personally, I have upgraded to be able to share at least 2500 times per month because the more YOU SHARE the more your content will be shared. Later, if necessary, I’ll upgrade to be able to share even more.

Now, once you have your Onlywire account established, simply upgrade to Tribepro PLUS or Tribepro PRO and follow the instructions to auto-syndicate other tribe members’ content and, if you want, have your content auto submitted and auto-syndicated as well.

When I started my tribe activity, I spent a few days, simply sharing people’s content through Twitter. And the results were amazing, not only was I able to have some amazing tweets that resulted in nearly 100 new followers in 3 days, but I also got listed 27 times in great categories and I racked up over 1000 share points. Even better I had 20 auto-syndicators by the time I launched my first piece of content and got 400 back links on the first piece in less that 24 hours. Mind boggling!

Tribepro Tribe Marketing Results:

After using the Tribepro tribe marketing system for less than 5 days and spending about an hour a day making new auto-syndication connections, I currently enjoy the benefits of having more than 20 people sharing my content.

Imagine the power of this later when you have 100, even 200 or more people auto-syndicating your content.

Can you picture this now?

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