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If you have spent any time online in the last few years trying to build your MLM business, I am sure you have heard of Mike Dillard. This guru actually is the “real deal” and is a self-made millionaire from his extraordinary online marketing sales, instructional programs and ebooks.

Since you will find his prolific works online, let’s take a moment and review what he is all about and see if his methods may work for you. I will mention that I have been following his techniques for several years and they have helped me get my MLM business off the floor (where it stayed for about 2 years).

So who really needs Mike Dillard? Everyone looking forward.


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With the economy in the dumps and many people lacking any prospect for finding employment, the notion of working at home with a multilevel marketing company has never seemed more appealing. However, let’s face it, MLM has a bad name, but not because the business model is flawed, but because traditional MLM marketing techniques do not work.

97% of all MLM distributors or business owners fail despite their great dreams, good work ethics or company choices. This is because they simply do not have the single most important tool they need to build a MLM business and that is marketing skills. Are you part of that grim statistic?

This is where Mike Dillard comes in. Think about how most uplines “coach” their downlines on how to build a business. People are told to make a list of family and friends and call them, hang fliers or talk to people in the grocery store who are standing within 3 feet. Can you imagine a marketing meeting where the head of a Fortune 500 company tells its executives to just tell their family and friends as a marketing technique? Of course not! So, why do you think that marketing method is going to work for your MLM business?

You need real marketing techniques for real success. This is only way to make your MLM business grow. You need qualified sales leads that come to you looking for information, tools and perhaps even seeking a new opportunity and you must have a solution for them. If you can’t provide solutions, then you aren’t going to attract the business builders and business leaders that you seek for your opportunity. And once you have attracted those people, you need to keep them as customers and/or business associates- for the long haul. At the end of the day, people join businesses because of the reputation of a particular business leader. They rarely join a business with bad leadership even if the product is outstanding.

This is where Mike Dillard has the industry by the tail. His seminal works; MLM Traffic Formula, Magnetic Sponsoring, Building on a Budget, Black Belt Marketing and now The Elevation Group will show you how to attract people to your opportunity in an exciting, motivational and non-“pushy sales” way. After all, you never signed up for that, did you?

Mike is an expert at solving the biggest challenges marketers face such as driving traffic to their own web sites (not the company replicated site), marketing techniques for low budgets such as article marketing and paid advertising techniques such as pay per click. The difference is, there are many gurus who can help you get someone to visit your web site. Only Mike Dillard holds the secret on showing you how to make your visitors stay and learn more from you, buy from you or even join you in your opportunity.

If you are looking for a place to start with making money online or you need to kick start your MLM and to turn it into a money maker and not a money drain, please take the time to check out this free information packed interview with Mike Dillard. I give it 4 stars and I think you will too. chegg ask question .

And remember there is no way to succeed in network marketing without an unlimited source of people attracted to you. Learn my insider tips on generating targeted, qualified leads online. Check it out because what you will discover may knock your socks off!

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