Marketing Success Guide

MLM (multi-level marketing) is not a new type of business but it hits the headlines all the time because people confuse MLM with pyramids or ponzi schemes where one person does very well financially while others suffer.

This could not be more from the truth.

Multi level marketing is in fact taking a existing social phenomenon and turning it a business model.

What do I mean?

Very often if you buy something you enjoy, you tell people.

“Hey Joe check out my new bicycle… when I ride it I feel like superman!”

“Hey Jill, check out my clear skin, I just bought this cream and in 20 minutes it shaved off 32 years of aging and sun damage!”

You get the picture…

So what did MLM do in this big picture?

They turned to you and said, hey, since you like me so much, every time you you tell Jill and Joe about our stuff, we’ll give you a cut. And that way, YOU can be our marketing and we won’t have to spend millions during the Super bowl to tell the world about our cream or our bicycles.

And then they took it a step further…

If JIll & Joe tell their friends too, we’ll offer them the same cut!! win-win right…

and to sweeten the sauce, we’ll kick back a little extra to you too for bringing Jill and Joe on board

THAT is multi- level marketing. There are no tricks, no secret rooms, and no scams. (almost always).

So why the bad wrap?

Well, you’re Mr. SOCIAL… you have a ton of friends, you tell them all and they all (by LUCK) buy the product. You tell Jim and Jill about it and they catch the fever or your excitement and they are ALL IN. They see your big checks, your superman body and your perfect skin.

However, Jill lives in a small town and she really only knows 2 people who are interested. She can’t sell any more. No one else wants to hear it. She isn’t making a red cent, you’re still cashing your checks and driving your pink car or taking your cruise with the guru… and you know what… she gets mad.

She thought she was going to have the world by the tail and she ended up with a garage full of stuff, a big bill and a shattered dream. Now, don’t get me wrong Jill is a really nice lady and her heart is made of pure gold, but when her business didn’t get up off the floor what did she do?

She blamed the BUSINESS

This is very easy to do.

You can type in the name of any MLM on earth into Google and you will find someone out there in the same boat who has also put a lot of time into blaming the business. Matter of fact, you’ll find more people with time to blame the business complaining about it, then you will find people raving about it because the people who are succeeding are putting their energy toward activities that lead to success not blogging, tweeting or facebooking about success.

But let’s back up again. The bikes are still awesome, the cream is still divine. So exactly when did the business become a scam?

It became a scam at the precise moment that Jill realized…”I don’t know how to market my business”.

Honestly, does any think that you can promote a business from a black hole with no marketing skills? Or in an age of technology, does anyone think those cute boxes by the register at your local pizza store or fliers under someone’s windshield wiper was going to create a career.

Honestly, what did you do the last time someone put something on your car? Did you say a naughty word? (shhh…. I did!).

So let’s get real and let’s get busy. The only way to succeed in MLM is marketing and the goal of the marketing is to get leads and then the goal is to convert those leads into sales… But there is a method to this madness and it really doesn’t involve killing a lot of trees.

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