Why Am I Always Ill? Optimizing Your Immune System

What in your life is compromising your immune function? Let us explore this subject holistically to try and find your answers.

Nature gave us everything we need to be healthy. We have our mother’s milk and colostrum to feed off when we are born, providing vital fluid, nutrition and antibodies for our first 6 – 8 months of life. Then we get to move around, crawl and walk, explore, putting things in our mouths and benefiting from friendly bacteria we pick up in the process. This is Nature’s design.

Our Thymus gland functions well from birth to adolescence, (when it starts to shrink). This is the gland that produces T Cells (white blood cells) to fight diseases and destroy abnormal cells. It is a good set-up. At puberty, the immune system is affected by the sex hormones, which impact on the function of the lymphatic system. Our body’s immune system then starts to grow up.

If you come into the world unwell, why would that be?

Your mother’s umbilical cord has fed you from conception to birth. Her nutrition is yours, what’s in her, would eventually have ended up in you. That’s not just the food but chemicals she would’ve unwittingly have absorbed.

Mercury and silver can leak from the amalgam fillings in her mouth through to you by the breast milk and cord. Remember the days when mothers were urged to get their teeth done while they were pregnant because treatment was free? Baby would’ve also ended up breathing the mercury vapour and absorbing the constant drip of toxic metals after fillings. Similarly, if mum was a smoker or you were exposed to cigarette smoke, your little body would’ve been coping with cadmium, formaldehyde, cobalt, nickel, mercury and more besides.

Heavy inorganic “Toxic” metals can affect you in different ways, from birth defects to learning disorders.

When you are a baby of maybe 2 or 3 months your mother will be encouraged to vaccinate you against disease. Here is where you have 2 issues:

The disease they put in the vaccine – you end up with the disease in your body anyway. How do you know you were going to get it?!

The toxins that the vaccine may contain, (mercury, for example, was a common ingredient in vaccines years ago and a chemical used in anti-freeze was a common preservative).

Surely though, the real biggie here is that the GUNS are facing the WRONG WAY! Your body is designed to cope with disease coming at your natural defences from the outside and working its way through your body. So now your body is in effect, attacking itself! Queue autoimmune disorders, (eczema, arthritis, psoriasis, rheumatism and even cancer).

What can you do? You can use vibrational flower essences or homeopathy where possible to antidote the side-effects of all the above and help your immune system. You can take antioxidants to “mop up” the toxins and you can eat plenty of protein to help stop all the free radicals having a party in your body and brain.

Feeling better yet?

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