Enagic USA Review: Business Opportunity? or Trouble?

Are You Ready for Direct Marketing Success or Are You Setting Yourself Up for A Fall?
Enagic is a direct sales company that offers water alkalizing machines, as well as a business opportunity to generate income selling the alkalized water machines. They have been used as medical devices in Japan since the 1970s and have extensive medical endorsements in this country. Recently, they have expanded internationally and have enjoyed notable success.
However, there are some very real concerns about starting or participating in an Enagic business. Like most direct marketing companies, having a great product is not a guarantee to your success and don’t ever believe that line that a “product sells itself”. It takes a whole lot more to become profitable in this industry and it takes a lot to sell to today’s advertisement fatigued and sophisticated shopper.

First a little history for our Enagic review:

Enagic was founded in 1974. It took them 10 years to really start focusing on the significance of their “Kangen Water” which touts many health benefits. Enagic debuted in the United States in 2003.
Their most popular machine is the LevelLuk 501 priced notably just under $4,000.00; it remains a best seller as it creates both acidic water which can replace any need to purchase cleaning products for your home as well as highly alkalized water which in some circles is thought to create amazing health benefits. I can’t speak to the health testimonials myself, but I can say that it does encourage the reduced consumption of bottled water which is a significant landfill problem worldwide.
From a business standpoint, Enagic does get some high points with a 50% commission on some sales. It employs a typical model where distributors can build a downline and make commissions not only on their direct sales, but on the sales of their downlines as well. This is where the big money comes from because one individual would face a nearly impossible task if he or she were to try to make a living on straight sales commissions alone.
The downside to the Enagic business opportunity according to our Enagic review actually lies more with the teachings of the sponsors. In almost every case we could find, the old school-warm marketing techniques which encourage people to sell to their friends and family is still in place. For most people, this is not a long term business strategy. Matter of fact, it isn’t even short term business strategy. Furthermore, distributors are encouraged to give away water which for most people is a very impractical prospect. There are promotional materials available for purchase, but if you think about it, when was the last time you purchased something after seeing a flier on your windshield?

So, the problem lies more with HOW to make an Enagic business work, not IF an Enagic business can work. The only way that I can see to make it happen is to have an available market that is coming directly to you to learn more about this product. This we can do online through attraction marketing and article marketing. I would be happy to share some of the ways that I attract people to my business online and generate not buy-quality leads every single day. Please join me.