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Arnica Gel – Erase Dark Circles and Bags Under Your Eyes

The skin under your eyes is thin and delicate. At times, lack of sleep, poor diet, dehydration, age, smoking and/or drinking can cause this skin to trap fluid. This can cause bags or dark circles. Dr. Lisa Masterson, OB/GYN from The Doctors television show, recommends Arnica Gel for relief of these dark circles and bags under the eyes.

It has enjoyed success mainly in reducing inflammation and pain. Therefore, it’s not a big leap to believe it will reduce bags and dark circles under the eyes. Natural herbs often have the same benefits as those expensive eye creams. chegg ask question I believe natural herbs should always be used before resorting to man-made products.

What Is It?

Arnica is an herb that belongs to the sunflower family. It grows mostly in western North America, Canada, and Eastern Asia, but angustifolia and Montana are two species that are native to Europe. Montana and chamissonis contain helenalin, a sesquiterpene lactone, which is a main ingredient in anti-inflammatory treatments. It is also by the names Mountain Tobacco, Leopard’s bane, and Wolfsbane. The Scientific/Medical name is Arnica Montana.

What Does It Do?

The Montana species that is native to Europe, Has been used for inflammatory ailments for many years. The roots contain derivatives of thymol which is used as a fungicide or preservative. It is currently used in liniments and ointments that are used for strains, sprains, and bruises. It is commonly used by professional athletes for these symptoms. In many cases, it has provided relief of back and hip pain.

The Creams available are generally formulated using the mother tincture rather than a dilution and therefore, contain measurable quantities of the herb.

How well it works will depend on two key ingredients, sesquiterpene lactones, a chemical found in plants that are known to help reduce inflammation, and flavonoid glycosides, also a chemical found in plants, which are molecules that are known to be antioxidants.

There are about 32 different species of this herb. The flower and rhizome are often used in herbal remedies. It is used in Homeopathic preparations for wounds, infections, and inflammation. It is promoted for use on the skin to help soothe and heal wounds, bruises, sprains, muscle strain, inflammation, irritated skin, insect bites, burns, arthritis, ulcers, acne, eczema, chapped lips, sore throat, and it is believed to help heal bacterial infections. It is also an ingredient in some herbal skin care products and shampoos. Arnica ointments usually contain up to 15% of arnica oil or 25% of a tincture of arnica (the herb mixed with alcohol). Blistering and inflammation may be more likely if very strong solutions are used on the skin. It is a good idea to use a gel with no more than 25%. It is mostly well-known for reducing inflammation and pain.

Is There Evidence For Its Use?

The thymol in the roots has been clinically proven to be effective in reducing blood vessels. A study of this herb in healing wounds after surgery found a reduction of pain and bleeding following surgery. Dr. Lisa Masterson from The Doctors television show, recommends Arnica gel to decrease dark circles and puffiness under the eyes. Many women use it as a moisturizer.

It boosts the normal healing process which will ease the flow of blood and body fluids. It helps reduce the dark color of bruising.

Many medical publications and magazines have given this gel some excellent reviews and ratings. It’s one of the most preferred gels by Americans for day-to-day injuries and bruises. It’s not greasy or sticky and very easy to apply.

Is It Safe?

Arnica contains the toxin helenalin, which can be poisonous if large amounts of the plant are eaten. Just be safe, as you would with any aging skin care product, keep it on the skin. If it is taken internally, it is diluted to the extent that there is almost none of the active ingredients remaining. Homeopathic solutions of 24X or more are not toxic as there is only a tiny amount of Arnica left after the dilution. If the herb itself is taken by mouth, it can be poisonous. It has caused a number of serious reactions, including allergies and at least one death. Small doses of the herb are considered safe to use on the skin. Individuals who are allergic to sunflowers, Echinacea, marigolds, chamomile, or ragweed may be more likely to be allergic to Arnica.

You can’t use the plant directly on an open wound. This is why medical companies researched and discovered Arnica Gel. Many homeopathic companies sell it as a gel, oil, or tablets. The gel is the most popular because it is easier to apply. If you price eye cream, you’ll find that this gel is just a fraction of the cost. With so much success behind it, it makes sense to try it yourself. You’ll be very happy you gave it a chance when you see how well it works on those dark circles and bags under your eyes.

I am 51 years old and I want to look as good as I can, as long as I can. It is important for women to research which ingredients work well for them and which do not. I am hoping to make this process easier, as well as introducing natural herbs and products that can make your anti-aging skin care routine more effective. For anti-aging skin care tips, detailed product reviews and much more visit my site at:

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Red Clover Extract

Red Clover
is one of the oldest agricultural crops and is often known as cow clover, purple clover and sweet clover. The name comes from the flower of the plant, which is a pinkish purple color. It is just one of the herbs found in the clover family and comes with fuzzy stems, three leaves and stems that have several branches. chegg ask question Both mammoth and medium red clovers can be found. This plant is indigenous to western Asia, northwest Africa and Europe, although it has been introduced in many other areas as well. While this type of clover is planted as forage for cattle or a cover crop, it can also be used as an herbal remedy.


A look at history shows that red clover extract has been used medicinally for many years. In both Russia and China, it has been used to treat congestion and respiratory infections. Through the years, it has been used as a diuretic, to help heal wounds, to treat coughs and more. Back in the 1800s, individuals started using it as a cancer treatment. In more recent history, other ailments have been treated with red cover extract, including osteoporosis, acne, skin rashes, menopause and more.

Health Benefits

Used as an herbal remedy, red clover extract offers many noteworthy health benefits. Here are several of the health benefits this herb can offer.

– Lower Cholesterol – This herb has been used to help lower cholesterol, which is one of the health benefits it has to offer. According to studies done on older women, it can lower bad cholesterol and help to raise levels of good cholesterol, helping individuals achieve healthy cholesterol levels.

– Treat Skin Irritations – The extract also has the benefit of being able to treat certain skin conditions and irritations. When added to mild oils or lotions, it can be applied to the affected area and soothes skin irritated by problems like psoriasis or eczema.

– Alleviates Symptoms of Menopause – One of the main health benefits this herbal remedy has to offer is that it helps to alleviate the symptoms of menopause. Some studies have shown that women going through menopause have fewer hot flashes when taking this herb. It contains natural estrogens, which is thought to work as a quality menopause treatment.

– Reduce Osteoporosis Risk – It is thought that the isoflavones that are found in this herb may help to reduce the risk of osteoporosis by increasing bone density in women.

– Potential Cancer Treatment – Currently, red clover extract is being studied as a treatment for cancer. It may also be helpful in the prevention of certain cancers as well.

Of course, before using this or any other herb, it’s always important to talk to your doctor. This herb may not be safe for every individual.

Where Can You Buy It?

Individuals interested in purchasing red clover extract will find that it is often sold in health food stores, both offline and online. Many online stores sell it, although it’s important to only buy from a reputation manufacturer to ensure you get high quality ingredients.

Check out Nature’s Way Red Clover Blossoms and Herb, 100 Capsules (Pack of 2) from

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Gluten Causes Rage, Bi-Polar and ADD Symptoms

Gluten Intolerance Causes Behavior Problems?– No Way! (Not to mention Bi-Polar-type behavior, ODD behavior, and others.)

Recognizing the problem.

Little did I know how much food itself (and gluten intolerance) would become a major turning point in our lives. I had heard about gluten sensitivity, or gluten intolerance which causes symptoms of upset stomach, IBS, etc… but psychological issues and bad behavior? Now that was a new concept!

The best book I have read on the topic is:

How it affected us.

Introducing my 3-year-old, Emily. She was always a challenge. My first daughter, now 6, was the perfect baby. Always smiling and always a pleasure to be around. So, when Emily arrived, I assumed it was the classic case of one good/easy child and one more demanding one. I definitely didn’t think she would be gluten sensitive.

Emily still got up at least one time a night until she was around 1-1/2 years old. Sometimes she couldn’t settle down to get to sleep and other times she would just wake up in the middle of the night in the absolute worst possible mood for no apparent reason.

What were we doing wrong?

We always limited her sugar intake- especially before bedtime. We were even careful with giving our girls artificial colors and sweeteners as they had shown themselves to be culprits in other family members’ behaviors such as causing hyperactivity. She didn’t show celiac symptoms so we ruled that out early on.

So what was going on? We figured once she could talk and voice her irritation she would say it and then just get over it.


As she got older, Emily’s tantrums became literally too much to handle. Here were some of her symptoms and others that some people have.

Food Cravings,
Unexplained Rashes,
Allergic shiners (dark circles under the eyes),
Red Face/ Ears,
Stomach aches,
Loose Stools or Diarrhea
Alternating Diarrhea and Constipation,
Mucus Production,
Inflammatory and Autoimmune Reactions,
Abnormal Pulse,
Elevated Blood Pressure,
Ringing in the Ears,
Mood Disorders,
Panic Attacks,
Sleep Disorder,
ADHD Symptoms (decreased attention,hyperactivity, impulsivity),
Mood Swings,
Autism Symptoms (poor eye contact, social withdrawal,decreased language, obsessions, repetitive behaviors)

Where are we now?

Much better, thank God. Emily is symptom-free.

For her eczema symptoms we use:

Children can display the behavior and psychological symptoms early on and the stomach issues can then surface later in life. Or, babies could have stomach issues early on. Colic could actually be caused from gluten sensitivity from the formula he/she consumes.

Want To Know More?

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Lavender Oil Health Scents

Lavender Oil is highly regarded for its pleasing smell, making it a popular addition to soaps, fragrances and aroma therapy candles. However, this oil extracted from the lovely lavender plant is more than just a pleasing fragrance. Lavender oil has been found to have many different health benefits from stress relief to joint pain making it a must have oil for everyone interested in holistic health and healing.

Here are some of the ways Lavender Oil can benefit you:

Stress Relief

One of the main reasons that many of us like to burn lavender scented candles is because of the oil’s ability to relieve stress and tension. Just a few drops of the oil can help refresh the mind and can even promote sleep when applied to your pillow.


Inhaling lavender oil via a vaporizer is a great way to help deal with congestion caused by colds or allergies. It is also a great way to find relief from sinus headaches.

Stings, Bites and Burns

Lavender Oil has natural analgesic properties making it an ideal application for bug bites and bee stings. Simple use a cotton swab to apply the oil to the affected area and the pain and irritation will cease. These same pain relieving properties also make the oil great for sunburns.

Joint Pain

Mixing lavender with jojoba oil is a great way to help massage away the pain caused by inflammation of the joints. This is especially ideal for people who are sensitive to over the counter pain medications. Be sure to get the massage done by an experience person in order to get the most use out of the oil.

Fungal Infections

Lavender has natural anti-fungal properties making it a natural treatment for athlete’s feet. Simply soak your feet in warm water with a few drops of lavender oil. It is also affective against planter’s warts as well as psoriasis.

Skin and Scalp Problems

Lavender is great for your skin. You can treat eczema and acne my mixing lavender oil with chamomile and applying it to the trouble spots.


Taken internally, lavender essential oil can help with digestion, blood circulation an d improve your digestive system. This is only recommended for adults.

Now you can see why lavender oil is such a popular addition to soaps, shampoos and perfumes. Having these products around can help a person find relief from stress and having the oil handy can help with all sorts of ailments. Since allergic reactions are possible and some people cannot handle the odor, be sure to test the oil out first before using it. Lavender oil is not recommended for small children, pregnant women or diabetics.

Yulia Berry is an independent health researcher and author of the best selling e-book on aloe vera – Aloe – Your Miracle Doctor. She distributes a weekly newsletter regarding great home remedies and has written another popular e-book ‘Pharmacy in Vegetables’ and dozens of natural health articles published on hundreds of websites worldwide.

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Top Tips for Before, During And After a Juice Fast

A few days before D Day or should that be J Day?!:

One great benefit of being on a Juice Fast is that you really don’t have to think about what to make for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

If you like to be prepared you can plan out your juices for the week and what you are going to throw in them. Its good to have a rough idea of the types of juices / green smoothies you will be making during the fast, and shop accordingly. This also avoids waste and saves money.

Also stock up on lots of herbal teas. You can have as many herbal teas as you like during the day, and its a great excuse to get out there and shop for some more exotic blends, especially any herbs that are beneficial to and aid detoxing.

Another great one to have during the day is lemon in hot water with some ginger. Blend up a 2 – 4cm piece of ginger with about 4T filtered water and you have a lovely ginger juice to go with your hot lemon drink. Very alkalizing and detoxifying.

The great news is you can juice or make green smoothies as often as you like during the day, or when you get hungry.

Here is an example of my shopping list (I will have a few fruits in there but I am aim to keep the sugar content down as much as possible during the fast.):

Shopping List:

• Kale
• Mint
• Basil
• Parsley
• Ginger
• Lemons
• Limes
• Tomatoes
• Beetroot
• Carrots
• Cabbage
• Lettuce
• Apple
• Orange
• Blueberries
• Strawberries
• Kiwifruit
• Watermelon
• Baby Spinach
• Chia Seeds
• Spirulina
• Chlorella
• Bee Pollen
• Young Thai Coconut
• Himalayan Sea Salt
• Good quality Probiotic capsule
• Probiotic Drink
• Dry Skin Brush

With the probiotic drink I like to either make a Coconut Kefir at home (its really very easy!), here are some easy instructions from the Body Ecology website on how to do it. They also do great pre-made pro-biotic drinks so if you are short on time you can order Body Ecology products in Sydney from the Your Digestion website, it has an online shop with all the Body Ecology products. They are fizzy and yummy and teeming with live enzymes and good bacteria. You have them like a shot twice a day, and they really help with food cravings and bloat.

I would also strongly recommend booking in a colonic or two along with some infra-red sauna sessions and massages. They are brilliant at helping move the detoxification process along as some of you may find (as I do), things just stop working all together and during a detox its crucial things keep moving – I will explain in more detail shortly). If you are in Sydney and want to book a colonic I highly recommend Boda in Mosman. Fantastic staff with many years of experience and knowledge.

Buy a dry skin brush from your local health food store or sometimes a good chemist will sell them. These help stimulate the lymph system and remove dead skin cells daily.

Let your friends and family know of your planned juice fast, and ask for their support during this time, they may think you are crazy but you are in a great position to set an example and be a walking advertisement for all the benefits of doing a juice fast! It might even inspire them to go and do one themselves!

Try and scale back or clear your diary of any social engagements, it will be way too tempting when out and surrounded by food and possibly alcohol.

Also please check in with your healthcare practitioner before starting a juice fast if you are on medication, have a serious illness or pregnant.

Have some guided meditation CDs on hand as these will come in handy during those moments of wanting to give in! Also get online and chat to others who are also juice fasting at the same time as you. Moral support is so important during this time and really does help.

Buy a journal so you can jot down daily how you are feeling before, during and after the fast. This will be great to get those thoughts, feelings and emotions out as well as to look back on after the fast.

During the Juice Fast:

Most people experience some sort of detox reaction during a juice fast. I remember mine vividly! I had serious detox brain and could not even string a sentence together on a text message.

Other people sail through no problems, going to work, gym, running marathons, you know just their regular routine with no problems whatsoever.

Its important to check in with your body on a daily basis during the fast. If you are feeling tired that day – take it easy and try to schedule in some nap time if possible. If you are bouncing out of bed then feel free to do your usual routine, including exercise.

What other detox reactions can I expect?

Tiredness, moodiness, anger, weakness, light headedness, insomnia, skin breakouts, irritability are amongst the more common ones. If you have a recurrent health issue (ie. eczema, acne, sinus issues) that may get worse before it gets better. Its important to be patient and breathe through these periods, call on a friend or chat to someone who is going through the same thing. You might find a lot of emotional stuff comes up as well as the physical. Just take deep breaths and know that these moments shall pass and that by the end of the 5 days you will be feeling incredible. Journalling every day helps too.

Why does this happen?

By doing a juice fast you are telling your body you are ready to heal and detoxify. It starts cleaning house but if you have a lot of toxins your body will be dumping more toxins than it can get rid of. Making you feel ick. Your bowels may decide to have you spend most of the time on the toilet or the complete opposite! Its important to remove those toxins through various methods of which I will recommend my top 6 here:

1. Colonics – brilliant at removing blocked up waste matter and toxins from the colon, as well as toning the bowel and creating a clean environment internally to allow good bacteria to flourish and colonise. Good bacteria cannot colonise a toxic environment, an important note to make here if you really want your expensive pro-biotics to work.

2. Infrared Sauna – my favourite sauna, far better than a swedish sauna as the infrared technology penetrates deeper into the skin’s layers and targets organs to detox from the inside out. Plus there is no blasting steam to deal with, a nice dry heat which is far more comfortable and tolerable.

3. Massage – a great way to move toxins out of the body and it feels great too! Will help you sleep better also.

4. Exercise – as mentioned before do this at a pace that suits your body’s energy levels during the juice fast. Gentle walks, or yoga are great for the low energy days. If you feel up to it, do your normal exercise routine if that means a run, or gym, working up a sweat is also a great way to get toxins out of the body.

5. Sun – sun gives us energy, and that really important vitamin, vitamin D, which boosts our immune system and helps prevent cancer. Direct sunlight on our bodies also triggers our body to produce 200 anti-microbials that kill off bad bacteria, fungus, parasites and viruses. Try to get at least 15 – 30 minutes of sunshine a day, (outside peak UV periods if you are concerned about sunburn) as the best way to get vitamin D into your body is on skin without sunscreen. Roll up your sleeves or expose a leg or two!

6. Dry Skin Brush – A dry skin brush is essential for a daily mini detox, and makes you feel good! It also makes you skin lovely and soft and helps banish cellulite. Do in the morning for a few minutes before you get in the shower. Start by brushing in long sweeps from the base of your toes, work up your legs, up to the middle of your body, working towards your heart. Then start from the tips of your fingers and work in long sweeps down your body towards your heart. Make sure you do your neck, and back as well. Your body should be tingling all over.

Please note: Do not store juices in the fridge to drink later – unless you own a Cold Press Masticating Juicer such as the Oscar Neo, juices oxidise very quickly and will not be beneficial to you unless drink them immediately.

How to Transition off a Juice Fast:

On the last day of your juice fast you may be gagging to eat anything including the furniture or you may be so nonchalant about eating you could continue fasting for another year. (jokes!).

However some people do feel like this and may continue the fast for another few days or weeks. Your body will signal when its really really really ready to eat again.

This does not mean a trip to McDonalds or a three course meal from the in-laws who mean well.

On the first day off the Juice fast I recommend a fruit bowl (and only fruit) for breakfast. If you prefer not to have the fruit, a simple, light salad with a lemon juice dressing would be a lovely way to break the fast. Continue with a salad for lunch, you may want to include some sprouts and fermented foods (cultured vegetables) here. These types of foods are pre-digested which makes them easy to digest and the cultured vegetables are teeming with good bacteria.

Lightly steamed vegetables tossed with lemon juice, dulse flakes and himalayan sea salt would be a nice option for dinner. Or maybe a miso soup or a raw vegetable soup with garlic and some cayenne pepper. Continue eating light foods such as these for 2 days.

The key here is light foods, no meat, refined sugar or dairy or wheat and they must be ORGANIC. You do not want to stress out your organs and tax your digestion by eating heavy foods right away. Keep up your fluids and keep taking your pro-biotics. (This should be part of your daily routine anyway.)

On day 3 continue to eat light meals but you may start to re-introduce nuts and seeds, for example breakfast could be some mixed soaked nuts with soaked chia blended to make a morning breakfast porridge and add some home made raw almond milk. Add back in the good fats such as Coconut Oil, Avocado, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Hemp Seed Oil or Flax Seed Oil. Add in some gluten free grains, such as Quinoa, Amaranth or Millet to your meals.

On day 4 continue to eat as above but you may introduce some light animal protein (if you wish) such as steamed fish, chicken or eggs to your meal. Ensure the fish you eat is high up on the food chain and all eggs and chicken are organic and locally sourced.

On day 5 you may re-introduce dairy and meat if you desire. However if you do, any dairy should be raw (not pasteurised) and any meat should be grass fed, organic and locally sourced. Keep in mind food combining principals also when planning meals.

Now that you have done a fast this is a great opportunity to not slip back into any bad habits consuming processed foods, wheat, dairy, meat or sugar. Heck, why not give up the coffee and alcohol too! These are strongly addictive foods and substances and will have you back on that vicious cycle before you know it. Don’t I know it!

And finally the most important part is to congratulate yourself! What a huge achievement and truly something special to be able to honour yourself enough, to give your body a chance to heal and detoxify – to allow yourself to become a healthier, stronger more vibrant version of yourself!

Juice Fasting is something that we should all do periodically, at least every six months. Pencil it in the diary and see you at the next one!

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What Can Oregano Oil Be Used For?

The powerful chemical substances contained in Oil of Oregano are the main reasons why it is very effective in treating diseases. It packs a powerful combination of flavonoids, phytochemicals and phenols that drug-resistant microbes cannot stand. In addition, it has considerable amounts of vitamins, minerals and trace elements that will make your body stronger in fighting diseases.

Experts believe that this excellent combination of potent substances can be attributed to the place where the wild oregano plant Origanum vulgare grows. This is the best source of oregano oil. These plants grow in the mountaintops of Greece, Turkey and Portugal where harsh climate prevails and the soil is very rich in minerals. The leaves of these plants are crushed and then the oil is extracted and distilled.

Uses of Oregano Oil

Scientists have already determined the potent chemicals that make oregano oil very effective in killing harmful microbes. Knowing this, we are now able to determine where they can be best used. In general, they can be used to treat diseases and make our body stronger. But because of its antiseptic qualities, this substance is also extensively used for commercial purposes.

Oregano Oil Medicinal Uses

The treatment of diseases is the most beneficial way of using oil of oregano. Here are some of the diseases that can be treated with this oil.

· Respiratory diseases – such as colds, cough, sinusitis, bronchitis, pneumonia. Most antibiotics are not effective for such illnesses but with a few drops of this oil every day, the virus that causes the illness will be eliminated. Take it until your condition clears up.

· Acne, eczema, ringworm and other skin diseases – most skin diseases are exacerbated by skin infection which is caused by bacteria. This oil can effectively eradicate colonies of bacteria and will allow them to multiply.

· Arthritis – this oil has an active agent called carvacrol. This substance was found by scientists to have the same pain killing effect of morphine therefore it can be used to relieve the pain caused by arthritis. Oregano oil is also known as an ant inflammatory agent therefore it can be used the inflammation associated with arthritis.

· Herpes – since this essential oil can eradicate viruses, it can stop the growth of HSV or Herpes simplex virus.

· Other diseases that are caused by viruses, fungi, parasites and bacteria such as MRSA, Candida, nail fungus, etc.

– Various other oregano oil medicinal uses.

Commercial Uses

The antiseptic qualities of oregano oil are extensively used in the production of the following products:

· Cosmetics – facial creams and similar items

· Soaps, detergents and hand wash

· Household Disinfectant

· Food preservative

The author loves writing about natural health remedies. Check out amazon for oregano oil information about this potent oil.

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