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What is Crossfit Training and Will it Work for You?

What is CrossFit?

crossfitThe strength and conditioning program is made up of different high intensity moves that are varied. CrossFit workouts incorporate 3 main training areas consisting of sprinting, weightlifting, and gymnastics.

CrossFit is a brand name for a form of fitness that combines elements of gymnastics, power-lifting, weightlifting, rowing and sprinting into one exercise. And some of the methods are a bit less than conventional. For example:
There are exercises that include carrying heavy objects precise measured distances. There is also Olympic competition style weight lifting in CrossFit workouts which involves lifting a single barbell with weights on either end. Of course, there is running with dumbells too.. and robe skipping. There are also exercises which rely on moving your body weight about in order to gain strength.

There are also some good old favorites like pull-ups, sit ups and squats which create a high intensity workout in certain target areas.

When taught in gyms in various workout classes a different workout is created each day, known as the “workout of the day” or “WOD.”

Every workout is completely unique, but of the workouts combine the same specific principles:

  • accuracy
  • balance
  • stamina
  • cardiovascular and respiratory endurance
  • agility
  • flexibility
  • strength
  • coordination
  • power
  • speed

These workouts at gyms are usually twenty minutes of very high intensity activity, and may only be focused on one specific exercise.

What are the primary goals of CrossFit Training?

The goal of CrossFit is to get the participants of CrossFit to become physically proficient in all areas. And by keeping the workouts so diversified, the body never becomes accustomed to a routine and will continue to burn fat and calories at a high level.

Who can benefit from Crossfit training?

This type of exercise is used to train members of many professional organizations such as law enforcement agencies, fire departments and the military.

This type of exercise is effective but here injuries have been reported from some of its participants, so push yourself to get your best work out, but don’t ever push too hard.

The Insanity Workout for the Sane

What is the insanity workout?

insanity workout
The insanity workout has participants performing at high intensity levels for the majority of the workout in set intervals. Are you seeing why they call it the insanity workout?

In most modern workouts people train in what is known as intervals. There are set periods of high intensity but there are breaks in between where you can “recover” before you start your next set of exercises. In the insanity workout, there are only short periods of recovery for its users.

What are the long term effects of the Insanity Workout?

This form of exercise is challenging but it can really change a person’s physique if they continue to do it. Many people who exercise in moderation, never see any major changes to their body type, but this level of intensity over the long term is sure to create a new sculpting of the body and you may discover curves and shapes you never knew you had.

How do you do the Insanity Workout?

The workout is performed at participant’s homes which is convenient. Users can choose to workout anytime that they want. These people do not have to worry about driving to a gym to get their exercise in and wasting gas. However, you have to be quite self motivated and really have a strong sense of stick-to-it-ness otherwise, you may take a few days off and think that no one will ever know.

Keep in mind that given the intensity of the this workout, you have to be careful. This form of exercise may be too difficult for participants who have injuries, are obese or are elderly. If you want to read more about great workouts checkout our post on CrossFit.

Yoga Pairs With Weight Watchers!

Do you do yoga while you follow Weight Watchers?

Yoga, <strong>Weight Watchers:</strong>

Weight Watchers is one of the most well known and successful weight loss plans out there because it allows people to eat the foods they enjoy in reasonable portions and it also advocates healthy exercise. Yoga is a great way to help burn the calories to supplement your exercise plan and it is a great place to start if you have not been exercises for a time because the slower movements and stretching are less likely to cause injury to someone who is out of shape.

In addition, yoga adds to the mental well being which is crucial while we diet since dieting always creates a certain level of stress.

Health Benefits of Yoga Coupled with Weight Watchers

  • Increased Muscle Tone and Upper Body Strength
  • stretching is something you do throughout the yoga exercises and you hold each stretch for at least 5 breaths

Greater Flexibility comes with With the weight loss through the Weight Watchers Program

  • Yoga poses cause your muscles to release the lactic acid that builds up with muscle use which causes stiffness, tension, pain, and fatigue.
  • Yoga also increases the range of motion in your joints
  • Increased flexibility means less risk of injury, less muscle and joint pain.
  • You will also notice an increase in your muscular endurance for other kinds of work-outs.

Yoga will improve muscle tone and upper body strength more rapidly when you lose weight slowly and steadily with Weight Watchers

Benefits of improved breathing through yoga and weight Loss with Weight Watchers

  • Part of the practice of yoga is to concentrate on your breathing.Once you learn to control your breaths, you will start to see the benefits in stress reduction. Just paying attention to the inhaling and exhaling relaxes the body and mind.

Improved Range of Motion with Yoga and Weight Loss with Weight Watchers

  • You will realize an increased range of motion.
  • Stress Reduction

There are a number of options to trying yoga. You can find a local gym or yoga center. You can order a set of dvds that walk you through the poses and breathing. Start slow and easy. Breathe and enjoy the benefits of yoga!

Your Tattoo and Bath & Body Products

Just like any other art, time and exposure to elements particularly water will erode the color and luster out of your tattoo. So, extra care in selecting and using bath and body products should be observed after having your tattoo.

Take extra care in choosing bath and body products that help the skin heal and stay healthy and moisturized are crucial. In addition, airy, breathable clothes are important in the very beginning until the tattoo scabs over. Do not swim or take baths longer than necessary.

Chlorinated water is very bad for your new tattoo. And most tap water has low levels of chlorine and pools and jacuzzis have much higher concentrations. In fact, while the tattoo does not yet scab, do not swim or take a bath.

Applying thick coats of healing ointment or antibiotic creams on the tattoo will indeed speed up the healing process but it will also make the ink to lose color, makes it dull, fades more easily and lose saturation. If you really need to take a bath, take short showers instead. You can put a loose covering over the tattoo just so that it will not catch water.

If there is plasma, you will know it when your tattoo feels slimy and slippery, gently remove plasma as much as possible because these causes scabbing. Moisture is not really bad, but overdoing it is.

You can also use quality bath and body products instead for about a week after the tattooing but make sure that it is dye and fragrance free. Remember also not to scratch the tattoo when it feels itchy. Last but not the least, wear sunblock at least a minimum of 30spf to keep your tattoo vibrant for years to come.

If you want more tattoo info, be sure to check out our other post on a great tattoo.

Hottest Hair and Hairstyles for 2012

Mid length hairstyles in 2012 give you so many options and great looks.


Let’s talk about 4 hot hairstsyles that you can easily achieve at home without too much fuss or muss.

But in order to get the looks that you are hoping for you need to have a few basic tools to start with.

  • make sure your hair is shampooed and conditioned and have on hand a leave in formula for heated hair appliances.
  • make sure you have a good quality curling iron and flat iron or even hot rollers with various sizes.
  • clips and pins: sometimes you need a little help with a hairpin, bobby pin or clip to finish off your look so have those handy.
  • Part-way Up Do hairstyles: Part of the hair in the front or crown area pulled back into a ponytail while the back of the hair flows freely. Volume can be increased to hair in the crown area by gently back-combing small sections of hair before smoothing over the top with your fingers. The higher the crown the more formal the look for the style. Be sure to accessorize your look with pins appropriate for work or evening styles. Also, feel free to leave out some wisps of hair along the face for a softer more natural and romantic look.

    For a variation of the partial up do, leave out some wispy long strands of hair around the face and pin curl them. The waves and looseness of the style will create a more romantic, formal look suitable for occasions such as weddings, proms or graduation ceremonies.

  • Wavy all over hairstyles: This works best with layered hair, but can also work with straight hair when product is applied. The easiest way to achieve this look is to thoroughly clean and condition the hair and consider a shampoo specifically for curly styles. Dry with minimal heat and then use a light setting gel and hot roller. Set the hair to have the curls spiral downwards and once the curls have been made with the hot rollers, remove the rollers but pin the curls in place until they are cool and set. Then finger comb out for a soft, wavy curl all over look.
  • Up Do with a pony tail hairstyles: Pony tails are very versatile and are not reserved for lazy weekends or the gym. It all depends on how you put it together the higher the ponytail on the head, the more casual the look will be. A low pony tail with your own hair wrapped and pinned around the elastic is a classic and simple look. Try playing with a different part and a simple clip on the side. Low side pony tails have come in and out of fashion and some people can still pull them off. Your hair should be on the longer side to achieve this look to prevent the pony tail from resting on the shoulder and sticking out. Also, consider lifting the front like an updo to create more volume like an up do in the front and a low sleek pony tail in the back. Scrunchies make the look very casual, sleek elastics will keep you looking professional at work or elegant in the evening.
  • Just plain straight hairstyles. Straight hair always looks great especially if your hair is in good condition and shines. Do not hesitate to add product to give your hair a shiny luster when wearing this look. To finish the look a slight bump of a curl under always finishes the look nicely but for a more sassy look try a flip (outward curl) this looks great on the shorter side of medium cuts.

It’s a new year and time for some great new hairstyles in 2012. Medium length hair is the easiest to care for and gives you wonderful versatility for your look.