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For a little over a year, I have been a full time online marketer and network marketer. I have seen many a program succeed and well, I can’t say fail, but let’s say not succeed as well. I have watched friends launch products, start training centers, I have sold affiliate products, promoted CPA offers and as I continue to grow my business and build a nest egg big enough to support my family and my charitable ambitions, I will chronicle the good, the bad and the ugly of working from home online here at the home of Business Pro Online.

I will show you the tools I use for article marketing such as

The tools I use for blogging such as

In addition, I am also a network marketer as I believe that affiliate marketing is good, but at the end of the day, as a business model it does not insure long term residual income. I blend the two together as I believe that network marketing, where a down line supports your efforts as you support theirs in teaching top techniques, will help all of us build comfortable retirement income.

The only system that I have ever seen work for lead building is

Lastly, no guru teaches better overall marketing technique that Mike Dillard with his seminal work Magnetic Sponsoring.

Join my on my journey to success with online marketing and I encourage you to leave your comments too. Let me know if you have had good, bad or ugly experiences with Internet marketing. If you have great products, let me know and I may be your first affiliate, if you have tried really bad products, let’s write a “buyers beware” post right here.

I wish you unlimited success and never give up. If you need help to get past the moments of frustration, call me. I can show you how I get new leads with their wallets open consistently and how I make money even when they say no.

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