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4 Whiskey Ice Balls

4 Whiskey Ice Balls

Why on Earth would I want 4 Whiskey Ice Balls
About a year ago I received not one but 2 boxes of these whiskey ice ball molds. Since I don’t drink whiskey, I thought cool… this will make a great re-giftable item for my charity silent auction gift baskets. Fast forward about 6 months, I was heading to hot weather on vacation and decided to bring the second box with me… well, let me say that I wish that I had kept the first box as these are really a great item.
Home-Complete Ice Ball Maker Mold – 4 Whiskey Ice Balls -Premium Round Spheres Tray
They keep your drink cold with out diluting it.
This is really important in my opinion, no matter what you are drinking… No one likes watered down soda, iced tea etc… and especially not a watered down margarita. facebook site down today . Even worse I understand is for whiskey drinkers a you pay all this money for good whiskey and then it gets diluted.

I don’t know the science behind it, but the big ice ball just seems to last longer.

The mold is easy to use.
One piece of the mold sits inside another so if you spill there is nothing to worry about. Just fill the holds, if extra water pools around the mold part, just leave it, you can crack it off after the ice balls freeze.
What is so special about this brand?

– The mold seems to be made from high grade Silicone. It is food safe so I guess you could try freezing other liquids (I love to freeze lemon juice and put the cubes into my iced tea)
– The mold sits flat so there is no worry about leaking.- This one is a better design than the one I re-gifted.
– The seller says that it is FDA Approved, which sounds good to me and there is no BPA.
– And, I love a “money back guarantee” for life…
– Also, you have to love the fact that you can just toss it in the dishwasher (be sure to keep it on the top rack though)
Home-Complete Ice Ball Maker Mold – 4 Whiskey Ice Balls -Premium Round Spheres Tray
Customer Reviews and Scores
At the time I am writing this review, the product has 615 reviews and the average is 4.2. This means that I am not alone in thinking this is a nice product.

There are a handful of customers who said that it was hard to use the mold and the ice balls were smaller than they had anitcipated. I didn’t have any problem with it, but perhaps this is because I put the top and bottom pieces together, then I poured filtered water into each hole. I used a measuring cup with a small spout so I didn’t spill much water. One person mentioned that they had a spike on the ball, I can only imagine this is where they filled it, I think the way to avoid this is to add just a little less water so you will have a dimple rather than a spike at the fill point.

I can see where this might be frustrating, but I didn’t have these issues.
Home-Complete Ice Ball Maker Mold – 4 Whiskey Ice Balls -Premium Round Spheres Tray
All in all I was very happy with my purchase and I would buy this item again. I think it’s well made, it worked fine and with a 100% money back guarantee and prime shipping, what have you got to lose?

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Businessproonline x DressLandsCom Pinafore Dress – Rust Color/Adjustable/Square Neck

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