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Taking Companies Public Via OTCBB and NASDAQ: Is Business A Form Of Warfare?

So is business a form of warfare? If it is who are the pawns and who are the kings? Let’s look at the facts and past the 1980s clichs that chant: Greed Is Good and Business Is War as those chanting these phrases are often on the sidelines and not gifted enough to be on the field and playing and have no choice but to live vicariously through those they are jealously watching.

Everyone wants to be a player but in this industry you need a lot more than drive you need connections and capability. By connections I mean global political, global corporate, international finance and more. By capability I mean nerves of steel, the ability to bath in acid and swim with sharks and eat class for breakfast. This is one of the most stressful industries I know of with a burnout rate that is off the charts and any other global consultant that I know has struggled with their demons to stay on the top of their game. Business, by all categorical definition is War.

There are winners, losers, economies rise and economies crumble all because of global commerce. Global commerce as you know is control over the masses by an elite few. The elite are not the government officials as they themselves are pawns in a much larger game that even they don’t understand. Commerce and finance are numbers on a computer screen and fractional reserve lending, the IMF and other organizations at the end of marionette strings to impose the will of the elite on the global populace.

War in the form of economics is ongoing whereas war with guns and the military is to make a statement. Economic warfare is trade sanctions and limiting technology that will enable a developing nation to grow which will disable their industrial capabilities so that instead of a thriving economy they are dependent on the involvement by industrialized nations. With the Bretton Woods Convention in 1944 and the reconstruction of Europe and the doing away with the gold standard the above mentioned Numbers On A Screen are dictated by who holds the most economic collateral to enforce their idea of numbers.

This group of elites has the economic and military power to impose its will and enforce the idea that the numbers that they place on that screen are etched in stone and if those numbers demonstrate a Loan to a developing nation, though no actual empirical capital has been transferred, that developing nation now becomes a willing pawn in the overall game of economic warfare. So there you have it, business is indeed a form of warfare. This industry of global finance serves as the royal court while those around us are forced to play by the rules we invent and enforce.

I’m not saying that this is a good thing, I’m not exactly proud to be part of the problem but this is the awkward reality. I know you’re waiting for a happy ending or an idea that will help create a solution but I don’t have one.

When my firm is brought in as a strategist and alliance facilitator for global rollups, acquisitions, mergers and IPOs we try to create as many jobs as possible but let me ask you, by creating more jobs are we just perpetuating the problem of the masses being controlled by the few?

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Over The Counter Bulletin Board – Take Your Company Public: How To Get The Power You Need

Growing your company sales by adding promotional and sales agents and increasing your marketing exposure is an obvious way to beef up revenues but few companies consider the virtually instantaneous power of strategic alliances. Creating strategic partnerships with ‘would be’ rivals and companies that cater to your business genre can help you rapidly take possession of your market.

If you are a printer, team up with brochure designers, ink and paper distributors, advertising firms and print solution resellers. If you are a solar panel technology company then team up with corporations who have government grants for research and development and other alternative energy groups such as wind energy turbine technology firms, Department of Energy contractors etc. By teaming up with other companies and combining resources. You can stimulate growth in every area of your business. Look at each individual product and service you offer.

Now think of other companies who you can team up with to share resources. Make sure you create win/win opportunities for everyone involved as this is the only way to truly take advantage of this type of partnership. Don’t look at this concept as leaching off of other company’s resources, to the contrary, carefully researched and structured alliances will transform the here and now as well as future business of all parties involved. Strategic alliances will also enhance your appeal as an ‘invest-able’ business to venture capital firms and angel investors.

Think about it. You have a carefully constructed and managed corporate infrastructure. You’ve taken the steps to make sure that each of your ‘C’ level executives has been promoted as the ‘who’s who’ in the industry to speed up investor due diligence and increase customer confidence. You’ve carefully selected a board of directors that will effectively and actively guide you through the turbulent industry environment with their proven track record of success. And you’ve even initiated and solidified powerful partnerships that enhance your business concept and strengthen the longevity of your company.

You are now ready for expansion, investors, venture capital firms, taking your company public, attracting a professional CEO or CFO and practically anything your company is setting out to do.

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Regulation D – Private Placement Memorandums and OTCBB: The Easy ‘Go Public’ Process

Are you a business owner raising capital with a Regulation D Rule exemption (504, 505 or 506) also referred to as a Private Placement Memorandum, PPM or Offering Memorandum? If you are using this mechanism to raise capital then you’ll, no doubt, have to have a solid comprehension of the most distinct and important part of the Private Placement Memorandum referred to as the ‘Offering Circular’.

When your consultant or attorney is asking you for details on everything from business location to management, from dividends to risk details, you need to make sure that this information is complete and accurate. You’ll need to audit the documents after they are completed. A solid Offering Circular has kept countless companies from being sued by investors that didn’t get the investment return they were anticipating.

While the business plan is meant to grab the initial attention of the investor or funding source, the Offering Memorandum is meant to spell out the down and dirty details of the venture so that you are protected from lawsuits down the road, while simultaneously exposing the various ins and outs of your venture to give a ‘reality check’ to the investor before they hand over the cash.

The offering circular needs to be powerful yet very compact without the redundancies of using space to say the same things over and over again to pull the investors attention from the negative to the potential profit margins or management’s impressive pedigree. With all this said, yes it’s true the offering circular is one of the parts of a PPM spells out the technical aspects of the enterprise with a focus on inherent risk of investing but this can be done in a balanced way to also demonstrate the positive aspects of your venture by giving solid descriptions of your management team and, in place, distribution centers and contracts in place ready for capitalization.

When authoring the offering circular demonstrate the risks with a well balanced demonstration of the system in place to overcome these risks and dominate your market niche.

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OTCBB: Over The Counter Bulletin Board

If you own or run a company that is trying to raise capital in the current economic conditions you’ve undoubtedly been challenged by the limited funds available. Investors are more difficult to find and the individuals that are actually willing to part with their cash are even tougher to find. You’ve talked to friends, family members, your cpa and your attorney but trying to get them to invest is like drawing blood from a stone, it’s just not happening.

There is an easier way. Most broker dealers and market makers have an emergency number in their rolodex that reads “Investor Finder”, these specialist consultants are brought in when there is nowhere else to turn for cash. A true Investor Finder has 1,000’s of investor contacts that they can call on to get funding for their clients and are constantly using online viral strategies to attract more investors to their database.

An investor finder usually is not a licensed securities broker/agent or attorney; instead they are traditionally consultants that are active in the investment banking facilitation aspect of the industry. Being that they are not licensed they do not accept equity payments or percentages; instead they work on a flat fee basis.

A good consultant in this genre can bring in 30 to 70 real investors per day and it’s up to the client to sell the opportunity from there. A typical lead from an investor finder will be an investor or investment firm that is responding to the consultant’s opportunity introduction email or snail mail mailing, they have read about the opportunity and they respond one of two ways, either they are calling into a phone room to be screened and qualified or they are contacting the client directly.

Many times the investor doesn’t know that they are part of the “finder’s” database but do recall signing up to receive investment opportunity updates, so either way the investor is solid and active. If you are trying to raise capital and need real results quickly and can’t afford to waste time begging for cash, you need to seek out a qualified Investor Finder consultant and make your fundraising efforts fast and easy.

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Private Placement Memorandum: How to Get the Investors You Want

Entrepreneurs are being turned onto Regulation D in droves. Regulation D Rule 504, 505 and 506 allow companies a more lenient fund raising process than those who choose to go public by other means. In the past year I’ve seen more PPM consultants pop up on the internet than ever before and I have to admit I’m concerned. As a veteran in this field I’ve seen it all, now we have a legion of self proclaimed Reg. D gurus who buy templates, add some text and tell their clients that they are delivering a customized offering memorandum; here’s where things go bad and a difficult situation gets even worse. You have this worthless document, now what?

You need to gain the confidence and capital of accredited investors without soliciting as dictated in Regulation D Rule 502c. Now you have a worthless document that you can’t solicit investment capital for (which your guru consultant never told you but took your cash anyway) so how are you suppose to raise funds for your company? First, you’ll find that you’ll eventually need to make your way to an actual PPM author, not a broker so that you can get a PPM that protects you from lawsuits and gives the investor a real breakdown of the upside and downside of your business.

Next you’ll need to find a “Investor Finder”, yes this is an actual term for an individual or corporate entity that is completely submerged in the accredited investor realm and is able to match your opportunity with friends that he/she has in their database of real, accredited investors. This is the second half of the PPM equation.

Don’t kid yourself and don’t allow yourself to be lied to; you’re going to need a seasoned professional to help introduce you to investors that have the capital to help you get to where you need to be. Friends, family and employees will commit to investing in your company until your PPM is completed and it’s time to make good on their commitment; all of a sudden little Johnny needs braces and Sally is in the hospital with pneumonia, this happens all the time. Now what? With a real Private Placement Memorandum and a solid Investor Finder you’re problems are basically over. Investigate where the author and I.F. stand in the Internet public domain and after you find a company that meets your needs, get moving and start raising capital.

The internet tells all when it comes to reputations, you’ll be able to tell the difference between a seasoned veteran and a startup consultant after on Google Search and a phone call. A PPM can make raising capital quick and easy if you have the right firm in your corner.

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Over The Counter Bulletin Board – Go Public With Almost Any Company and Raise Capital Fast

OK, you’re ready to take your company to the next level and your CFO and legal counsel have advised you to go public to raise capital as well as to retain some of those prize employees with stock options and to bait that new sales executive with a signing bonus made up of stock options. You’ve looked into everything from pink sheets to reverse mergers to OTCBB to IPO and you have come to the conclusion you’re going to need to take on investors so that you can afford to follow through with your plan. If you’re lacking the funds to dive right in and start creating your public structure, here is a way that just about any business can afford to go public.

First, get a real business plan. Your business plan needs to sizzle and reel in the investor and clearly paint a picture of your vision to the investor and their advisors. Next, you’ll want to raise an initial round of cash quickly so that you can afford to take your company public without hindering your current company structure with additional ancillary costs. You’re going to need something fast and affective; you should consider having a professionally authored private placement memorandum put together for your company.

If you are trying to go public via OTCBB a Regulation D Rule 504 exemption will suffice, if you are trying to achieve an IPO you’ll need to go with a Regulation D Rule 505 exemption (pink sheets and reverse mergers into shell corps are not very successful in immediate and long term success so I would suggest you stay away from these structures). Build into the PPM verbiage that you are raising an initial round of capital that will be used to take your company public. When savvy investors see that they are investing in a real, viable pre-IPO or pre-OTCBB formation you will see investors climbing out of the woodwork to give you cash if your business concept is sound.

Next you hire the consultants (usually the same firm that wrote your PPM) to start the process of taking you public. On the PPM your Mini/Maxi should allow you to use capital almost immediately to get the ball rolling on your public company. You can count on a solid OTCBB going for between $75k and $250k and an IPO going for $1M+ so have your PPM written accordingly. If you follow the path set forth above you will notice something extraordinary.

The only out of pocket expense you had was for your Private Placement Memorandum (and your business plan if you didn’t have one) and 100% of the capital needed to go public was supplied by greedy investors who are excited to invest because of the quick payoff of their investment when you go public. This process means you can literally take your company public for less than $5,000 (the typical cost of a strategic Private Placement Memorandum. This is a simple, strategic and inexpensive way to get the capital you need for your company quickly, without using your limited financial resources in the process.

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