Ambit Energy Fraud

Ambit Energy has gotten a lot of attention since its founding in 2006 as a legitimate and well organized business opportunity. So why such a high failure rate for its distributors? Learn how to disprove the claims of an Ambit Energy fraud.

Ambit Energy has been around since 2006 and was established with the idea of providing discount energy and creating a business opportunity at the same time.

This company a member of the Direct Selling Association which is similar to multi-level marketing in that it pays a commission (percentage of sale price) to each distributor who makes a sale. Keep in mind that over the last few years Ambit Energy has enjoyed profits in the hundreds of millions of dollars and many millionaires have been made with this company along the way.

The company’s founder strongly believed that he could create a win-win situation where people could save money on the utilities they were using and simultaneously provide a legitimate business opportunity.

So why is there a buzz about an Ambit Energy fraud?

Simple. It is hard to find any multilevel marketing or direct sales company out there that someone hasn’t called a fraud. These types of companies get a lot of attention because they create a model where a distributor has unlimited earning potential.

In a more typical industry model, each job within a company has a specific earning cap. For example, the company budgets $80k for an engineer or $50k for a receptionist. With Ambit Energy, every distributor in the company has the possibility to make $50k, $80k or a whole lot more.

It is in the company’s interest to support their distributor’s unlimited earnings as it creates a win-win situation. One of the ways they achieve this is by providing a series of bonuses. Ambit Energy is known for these bonuses:

* jump-start bonuses
* team builder bonuses
* customer residual income
* consultant leadership bonuses
* customer residual bonuses

Although this sounds promising, ironically it is the payment structure that causes people to talk about an Ambit Energy fraud. Some people do extremely well with this business model, however 97% of all people who get involved in this type of business model fail.

So the real question is how do you plan to beat the odds and become a success in this industry?

There is only one real skill that you need and that is marketing expertise. If you see the promise of Ambit Energy, how do you plan to market, promote and advertise your product and opportunity?… Especially after you have exhausted your list of friends, colleagues and family? How would you go about sending traffic to a web site that Ambit Energy may provide to you… and more importantly, if you can get them to your site, how do you motivate them to actually make a purchase?

You can leverage your time, energy and bump up your skill set by using a funded proposal on the Internet which will drive organic traffic to your site and guarantee that even if your visitor doesn’t join your opportunity or buy your product you will still make money along the way.

Selecting a company is only a small part of your success story. Marketing is the real crux of the issue.

Ambit Energy has gotten a lot of attention since its founding in 2006 as a legitimate and well organized business opportunity. So why such a high failure rate? Learn how to make Ambit a success and not a failure for you.

If you watch the video above, you see exactly how your earning with Ambit can skyrocket. However, there is a catch, you have to build a network of people around you who are also successful in selling the product in order for you to succeed.

How do you do that?

Once you have plowed through friends and family, you have only one place left to turn to… the Internet.

Learn how using a funded proposal will get you the pre-qualified and targeted leads that are attracted to you, not hunted down by you.