Advocare Review

With the current economic condition of high unemployment, and for many, the unlikely prospect of re-employment due to the movement of jobs overseas, there has never been more interest in working from home in general and working in a multi-level marketing company specifically.

AdvoCare has recently gained some attention in the MLM arena and quite a few fortunes have been made, but the only thing that really matters is, can this company create a fortune for you? If you are considering joining this opportunity, it is important that you read this objective AdvoCare review and make an informed business decision.

AdvoCare produces an evergreen product (marketable no matter what the economic climate) in the nutrition field. The primary focus is weight loss and general health improvements such as increasing the metabolism, creating more energy and building stamina. They also have sub-specialties of fitness and beauty products in liquid or pill form.

AdvoCare maintains the familiar MLM structure of individual sales representatives or distributors for their products. There are three ways that you can get involved with AdvoCare as a business:

You can become a distributor with a 20% discount on your personal use products. Next, you can become a distributor at 20% to 40% discount if you become a reseller of AdvoCare products which is the first level where you could gain a potential income. You can become an “Advisor” or business builder with a 40% discount on products. You also can earn commissions by sponsoring other distributors in the company.

What sets AdvoCare apart?

AdvoCare is looking to positively impact not only the physical well-being of their distributors, but is also looking out for their financial health. They have developed an award-winning DebtBuster system which they offer free of charge to their distributors. In essence, they give you an opportunity to make money and then they help you manage it wisely while reducing personal debt.

Furthermore, AdvoCare offers a “Success School” where they will give you training and motivation to build your business. All in all AdvoCare offers a sound foundation for success in the MLM world.

However, the rubber meets the road when it comes to you. If you are looking to get rich quick, you are not looking at the right opportunity here. Having a sound company, sound product and good energy are great, but they will not create the client base and sales force that you will need in order to build this business into something profitable. 97% of all people who join an MLM program fail, but this is infrequently because there is a fundamental problem with the company itself. More often than not, failure is based on individuals not having the essential marketing skills necessary to attract people to them as business leaders and then later to their opportunity.

Don’t plummet into the abyss of MLM failure with AdvoCare or any other MLM company. Hit the ground running by learning the essential skills of attraction marketing, self branding and MLM lead generation so that you can succeed in your business and realize your financial dreams. This AdvoCare Review was created with the intention to shine a light on AdvoCare, but also ask you to shine a light on yourself and your marketing skill set before you commit to this opportunity.

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