Abunza Review

Abunza.com, Abundance in Spanish has created an excellent model for international MLM. Let’s face it, as an online marketer or an MLM rising star, haven’t you stopped and scratched you head and thought, “I certain wish I could tap into all of these newer Web markets overseas and have fantastic success?”

Well, I was completely delighted to locate this company just lately and they seem to comprehend the basic idea of taking your online business to an international level.

Permit, me to say, that I’m not a member of Abunza.com (as I am extremely happy with my own MLM) but I am an skilled online marketer and I like to share with my marketing colleagues new methods to build their companies. These days, we are going to take Abunza.com out for a evaluation and see if it meets our standards for an MLM chance to pursue.

What is Abunza.com?

Abunza.com is an Web superstore with hundreds of bi-lingual (Spanish and English) digital products ranging from audio info, instructional videos to eBooks. They touch on the hottest Internet markets tools like taking YouTube by storm, making Google adore your website as well as a section on free Internet Advertising strategies like write-up advertising.

The special twist is that Abunza.com offers a “Dream Team” who will provide bi-lingual support to your possible clients so if you create a large team that speaks Spanish and you do not, Abunza.com ostensibly can your outsourced team and do a few of the not so fun work of prospecting for you.

This really is a great idea, but I have to admit it runs contrary towards the greatest on-line good results stories of individuals who build actual relationships with their team. I’m sure you’ve heard about replicating your training so that your down line can follow your footsteps. This really is the model that I follow so conceptually the “Dream Team” seems challenging to me. I’m not sure what I would do if I had been to create a large down line of individuals with whom I couldn’t speak directly with on my blog or videos. This may be red flag if you have aspirations of becoming a branded figure inside your Internet success. But from the perspective of fantastic retail support, this sounds fairly great to me.

Like each and every MLM out there, Abunza.com has a plan which pays out commissions on items sold. Within the case of Abunza.com, their representatives are allowed to keep 100% of their retail sales. If I comprehend their marketing correctly, after that you simply will make $947 on every direct sale you make (which is fairly high!) Abunza.com also pays you a $250 each and every time someone inside your initial tier down line brings someone into the program. But hold onto your hat, this chance starts out at $1197 and an ongoing monthly payment of $54. Of course, this really is not the highest priced MLM out there, but this may shut out a large part of your possible marketplace from the word “start”. Also, the greater cost point may trigger your down line to anticipate a higher level returns so your down line training much better be spot on or your attrition levels (people dropping out) will be high.

That’s okay, we all aspire to high returns, but for any of you who have spent any time in the MLM company, you realize that it is very challenging to succeed within the MLM company without great advertising skills and fresh qualified, and self generated leads.

Consider this for a moment, Abunza.com is really a library of digital items so if there’s an incredible bi-lingual book on conquering YouTube, your down line will probably be competing with you to sell that book. The number of advertising strategies for that 1 book is finite and you will find only so many spaces on the front page of Google. Maybe there are insider tricks that I was unable to discover in Abunza.com’s marketing, that solve these problems. I sure hope so.

In the end of the day, Abunza.com has each and every good reason to help you to earn good cash. Most each and every MLM available has enough going for it for this to be true. What you may not know is the fact that MLM is really a “people business” along with a “marketing” company and most of the people you share your opportunity with, won’t be marketing pros. Typically, they would be advised to talk to household and buddies and even if they’ve lots of each, they will reach a point exactly where there’s nobody left to method.

Subsequent, they may be told to purchase leads. I’ve attempted that and frankly I did add a couple of individuals to my team, however it is expensive and they had been the first to leave my team simply because I sought them out not the other way around. The only way to have a solid team of earners would be to create your own quality leads and give them solid, “replicatable” tools to succeed. Proceed with caution if you’re searching at this opportunity to replace your income, but know that it’s fundamentals are sound and I would give it a thumbs up, according to my research.